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Welcome to the VES Direct commercial ventilation products e-commerce website Welcome to VES Direct

VES Direct - Commercial Ventilation Systems for public, commercial and industrial buildings.

VES Direct is the B2B e-Commerce shop where engineers and trade can find and purchase online commercial and industrial ventilation systems, products and units designed and manufactured by VES, the UK leading commercial ventilation equipment manufacturer and HVAC expert based in Hampshire, Manchester and Glasgow.

For commercial builders, engineers and contractors requiring nationwide, factory priced ventilation products suitable for commercial, industrial and public buildings, including offices, schools, hotels, hospitals and retail establishments. VES Direct has an ongoing commitment to developing energy management systems and saving energy consumption from heating, hot water production, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and electronic equipment in working buildings, with products designed with this objective in mind. VES developed BlueSense which combines intelligent control technologies with energy saving products, services and engineering expertise and is an inbuilt feature in VES Direct products such as the Ecovent heat recovery ventilation units range, where we can demonstrate energy and cost savings by helping to meet energy reduction commitments by optimising the equipment performance, reducing the impact to the environment, minimising overall life cycle costs and payback period.

VES is proud to have designed and manufactured Ecovent®, an energy efficient heat recovery ventilation system which has been the acknowledged market leader in heat recovery air handling units for over 10 years. Ecovent Energy efficient heat recovery units with low SFPs help achieve L2 Building Regulations. VES undertake substantial research and development programmes and new products are being introduced all the time. VES Direct aim to be the leading provider of heat recovery ventilation products in the UK. 

VES Direct offer choice and value from a huge range of tried and tested energy efficient products; for HVAC noise problems we offer noise sensitive Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems. Our flexible range of small air handling ventilation units, including Colourfan high efficiency twin extract units tackle ventilation problems in kitchens, leisure centres, shops and across all market sectors including education, catering, healthcare, residential and the pharmaceutical. The versatile, simple to install and integrate AHU Air Handling Units are very popular with our customers and our aim is to ensure that our air handling equipment is sustainable and adaptable for future demands. To help in active cooling of machines and systems by internal and external air movement, VES Direct offer a range of fully weather proof Duct mounted Long and Short Case Axial flow Fans, plate mounted, round duct mounted fan and ducting ventilation systems.

Our Technical Team can assist with helping you choose the right commercial ventilation product for the right building environment; be it the right building automation and control system for HVAC applications, low silhouette and mounted extract roof units, wall and ceiling fans Ideal for storage areas, canteens, shops, changing rooms, public houses, warehouses, industrial spaces, post rooms or wherever limited ventilation issues persist, standard electric heater batteries or batteries complete with integrated controls with modulating heat output, light industrial fans ideal for bathrooms and silencers to combat vibration, breakout, duct borne noise, or environmental noise from externally mounted plant or through louvres. VES Direct products are covered by a warranty and there is also a Spares Shop where we can source spare parts for VES products going back as far as 1968, when the company started; interestingly we can also source spare parts from many other ventilation manufacturers. We have collected some frequently asked questions relating to spare parts but please let us know if you have any other questions.

Ways to contact VES Direct with ventilation questions

If you are responsible for the efficient and cost-effective operation of buildings, or use an industrial process where heat might be unnecessarily wasted and you want to know more about how heat recovery techniques can significantly reduce energy consumption, running costs and carbon emissions, then please call our knowledgeable sales team on 0800 31 66 000 or use the contact us enquiry web form

For your convenience, between Monday and Friday, there is call back service by filling in a simple web form. If you are already familiar with our comprehensive ranges of ventilation products for improving the energy efficiency of buildings, or know which fans, AHU air handling units or HVAC control products and solutions you want to order, then please use the buy now feature, or set up an online credit account by registering and then login for latest offers, email newsletter subscription and a free VES Direct catalogue.

VES Direct is the convenient and fast way to get your favourite, direct from the factor,y VES commercial ventilation product deals, delivered by a rapid nationwide delivery service. We have offices in Hampshire, Manchester and Glasgow and a sales representative service throughout the UK to serve you, Check out the latest news for product innovations, or engage with us on Twitter @VESDirect; there is always something new at VES to help make 'Better air for the built environment'.
VES Andover Ltd is BSI registered to the Quality Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and is a member of BSRIA. Our company registration number is 02303719 and our VAT registration number is 314533289.

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