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Ecovent EAX Acoustic Heat Recovery

Ecovent EAX Acoustic Heat Recovery

The Ecovent EAX Acoustic heat recovery exchangers from VES are low noise to help meet acoustic requirements, including BB93, whilst also offering heat recovery efficiency better than 70%, utilising a modulating damper to control heating/cooling recovery. Quiet heat recovery fans and BlueSense Intelligent Controls are a feature of these VES models. The acoustic performance has been independently acoustic tested to BS EN ISO 3744:2010.
Ecovent ECOBox Heat Recovery

Ecovent ECOBox Heat Recovery

ECOBOX are plate heat exchanger units manufactured by VES UK in a wide range of options. These heat exchangers feature heat recovery ventilation efficiencies of 50-70%. The ECOBOX heat recovery ventilation system includes ceiling void, plantroom and external locations in both round and rectangular spigot versions. They are compatible with a wide range of supply and extract units.
Ecovent EVX Heat Recovery

Ecovent EVX Heat Recovery

Where energy efficient heat recovery ventilation is required, the Ecovent system offers a wide range of models for ceiling void, plantroom and external locations, with a variety of control options to suit unit requirements. Ecovent are high efficiency heat exchangers that operate at low energy levels, exceed UK L2 building regulation requirements and offer heat ventilation duties up to 2.5 m3/s. 

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