Bespoke and Special Products

One of the great strengths of VES is its ability to design and build non-standard equipment to suit customers requirements in a reasonable timescale and at acompetitive price.   

Bespoke air handling units can meet customer’s precise requirements and provide a low cost and energy efficient solution. 


VES draws from a wide range of sources to achieve the most practical and best designs for bespoke HVAC applications. Over 40 years experience, blended with professional staff, qualified in modern methods, successfully combines established 'know how' with access to current technology, materials and processes.

Using the very latest selection and quoting software, which interfaces directly with design packages and automated manufacturing, will provide a quick turnaround
from enquiry through approved design to delivered equipment.


In a constantly changing industry, VES is quick to incorporate the latest technology in components and manufacturing methods, ensuring that the quality, efficiency and value of all VES products are maintained at the highest level.

Utilising the latest energy monitoring and reporting methods from industry leading manufacturers such as Siemens Building Technology closed-loop control systems ensures peak efficiency and reduced running costs. Speed control and demand sensor packages allow duty to match occupancy and zone conditioning. Using a range of open communication protocols with BMS interfaces enables VES products to fit into new and existing HVAC systems.


VES has both internal state of the art facilities for testing and calibrating its products, and access to external prestigious specialist services such as the BSRIA and Ziehl-Abegg InVent technology centre. Air movement, acoustic and electrical safety and performance are assessed to the latest industry standards to ensure compliance with appropriate standards. Data published by VES is therefore accurate and authenticated.

Bespoke Applications

A comprehensive list of sensitive and challenging applications such as hospitals, old or listed buildings, controlled manufacturing environments and leisure centres with swimming pools can be accommodated. VES can supply solutions for HTM specification, low acoustic or thermal breakout, high corrosion protection, high external pressure and extreme ambient temperature. Together with specialist controls, also designed and manufactured at VES, very little is beyond the range of a Max unit.

Please contact us to find out more about our Max bespoke air handling units and the solutions we can provide for you.


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